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The Football Association: Galatasaray notified the Olympic team of refusing the participation of Mustafa Mohamed

Football Association officials revealed that Galatasaray Club notified Jabalia and the Olympic team by refusing to participate in the Pharaohs Mustafa Muhammad’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for next July 22, but no official letter has been sent to Jabaliya so far.

An official source in the Football Association continued: We did not receive an official letter from Galatasaray, as the Turkish press reported, rejecting Mustafa Muhammad’s participation with the Olympic team, but it is only verbal communications, and there are still attempts by the player to persuade his club’s management to leave him participating with the Olympic team.

In a related context, Football Association officials revealed that an agreement is being finalized to allocate a private plane for the Egyptian Olympic team to participate in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, which will be held next July.

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee, confirmed in statements to Ontime Sport channel to the Ahmed Schubert program, that it was agreed that the team would travel on a private plane and the agreement would be terminated, in order to rest the players due to the length of the trip, but the costs are very high.

The head of the Tripartite Committee added that there is a new crisis in the Olympics, after Japan called on some countries to be present early in Tokyo due to the Corona virus measures.