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The deta of clearing and Mahalla prepare Aswan to face Zamalek

The technical staff of the Aswan team, led by Alaa Abdel Aal, agreed to play two friendly matches during the current downtime, to prepare the team for the upcoming Zamalek match in the first official meeting in the league after the end of the pause.

It is scheduled that Aswan will face the Misr El-Maqasa team, tomorrow, Wednesday, to meet in the second friendly with Ghazl El-Mahalla next Thursday, during the Zahrat Al-Janoub camp in Cairo.

Aswan is preparing to face Zamalek in the general league, in the meeting scheduled for June 17, and Aswan is scheduled to play one or two matches during that period before meeting Zamalek.

Aswan’s qualification to the semi-finals of the Egyptian Cup, after defeating the Egyptian club with penalty kicks 5/4 in the quarter-finals, gave a new opportunity for the technical staff of the team led by Alaa Abdel Aal, to lead the people of the south in the coming period, after strong news circulated about the possibility of changing the technical staff Lason after the decline in the results of the Nile crocodiles in the general league.

Mostafa Amin, a member of the board of directors of Aswan Club and the supervisor of the football team, confirmed that there is a state of technical stability and that the Aswan Board of Directors headed by Major General Ahmed Suleiman does not think about making amendments to the technical staff of the team at the present time.

Aswan occupies the 15th place in the league table with 24 points, after the sons of the South played 24 matches, where Aswan won 6 matches, drew in the same and suffered defeat in 12 other matches, and Aswan players scored 19 goals and conceded 37 goals.