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The date of the match between Portugal and France today in Euro 2020

At nine o'clock this evening, Wednesday, the attention of the football fans will head towards the Puskas Arena in Budapest, capital of Hungary, to follow the highly anticipated match that will bring Portugal against France, in the third and final round, in the Group F competitions of the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020" currently being held. It will continue until the eleventh of next July, with the participation of 24 teams, and will be hosted by 11 different cities.

Portugal and France

 France is at the top of Group F with 4 points, after beating Germany 1-0 in the first round, and a draw against Hungary in the last match.

Portugal, led by star Cristiano Ronaldo, is in third place in the group standings with 3 points, ahead of direct confrontations with the runner-up Germany.

The Group F cards became complicated, following the results of the second round, with the defending champion Portugal close to leaving the tournament, while the German team rediscovered its chances of reaching the next round of the tournament, while the French rooster sings alone at the top.

Portugal and France


A draw is enough for France to qualify for the next round of the tournament, without waiting for any other results, while Portugal will have to win if it wants to qualify for the round of 16 in Euro 2020.

World champion France hopes that the stars of its attack will outperform the defending champion Portugal in the strong confrontation that will bring the two teams together at the end of the Group F competitions of the European Championship 2020, next Wednesday.

In its first match in the group considered by many to be the powerful group, the French team, the favorites to crown the title, dominated the game against its German counterpart, but it won with a single goal that came with friendly fire, and then its performance declined during the 1-1 draw with Hungary in the second match after that.

Portugal vs France


The French team is unique in the group after Germany beat Portugal, but the terrifying French attacking trio, consisting of Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema, will be very disappointed if his score stops at the only goal he scored in the tournament so far.

And Mbappe, as usual, made a quick performance and lightning attacks and pressured German Mats Hummels to unintentionally score a goal for France against his team.

Mbappe also set up the equalizer for France in the second match against Hungary, which was scored by Griezmann, while Benzema has so far failed in his attempts to find the net by hitting the net 30 times in three European finals.

Portugal vs France

But coach Didier Deschamps still believes in the capabilities and skills of the player who scored 29 goals with his team Real Madrid in all competitions this season and returns to the national team for the first time since 2015.

Deschamps said of Benzema, "Thanks to his experience, I don't have any doubts about him and he has played very well and knows the expectations that are expected of him, but it is not only about goals."

Portugal vs France


A draw against Portugal, who defeated France in the 2016 European Championship final, may be enough for Deschamps' team to advance to the Round of 16 as the group winner.

France has four points and is one point ahead of Germany and Portugal, while Hungary is at the bottom of the standings by one point.

France can guarantee promotion to the next round before the start of its last match in the group stage, if the results of other groups come in its favour, and it gets one of the best four teams in third place even if it loses in the last round.

Deschamps indicated that he could not bear these three alone responsible for the front line, saying, "You cannot separate their performance from that of midfielders and defenders. They have not played many games together and the performance can always improve."

And the official website of the European Football Association “UEFA” published the expected line-up for the “Brazil Europe” summit against the “Roosters”, and it came as follows:

 Portugal's expected line-up against France


Goalkeeper: Roy Patricio

Defence: Nelson Semedo, Robin Diaz, Pepe, Guerrero

Midfield: Danilo, Renato Sanchez, Bruno Fernandes

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Diogo Jota, Bernardo Silva