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The clearing of Marwan Hamdy's lack of brilliance with Zamalek: The fault is in the atmosphere

Major General Bakri Selim, the sports advisor and executive director of the Misr El-Maqasa Club, commented on the news of the Zamalek Club’s desire to return Marwan Hamdy, the team’s current and upcoming striker from the clearing ranks, during the last winter Mercato.

Major General Bakri Selim said, in exclusive statements, that Misr El-Maqasa Club is a permanent supporter of Zamalek Club, stressing that Marwan Hamdi moved to the ranks of the White Castle and is at the top of the league’s top scorer, and clearing is known over the past years to be the star factory, and Marwan Hamdy’s brilliance with the clearing was due to the provision of suitable climate for it.


Bakri Selim sent a message to those who call for dispensing with Marwan Hamdy, stressing that this is a big mistake, and he must be given the opportunity to participate, and his brilliance with Zamalek depends on providing him with the appropriate atmosphere, and giving him the opportunity in an appropriate manner for his capabilities and capabilities.


Bakri Selim added that the defect is not in the player, and the technical management of the Zamalek club must be patient with him and give him his position in the team to see his real capabilities and capabilities on the field.