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The Chambers of Commerce is preparing to launch a project to establish entrepreneurship centers in 3 governorates

The General Federation of Chambers of Commerce headed by Eng. Ibrahim Al-Arabi, in cooperation with the rest of the stakeholders, is preparing to launch a project to establish entrepreneurship centers in the chambers of commerce in the governorates under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Enterprise Development Authority, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Federation of Arab Chambers and the Arab Academy of Sciences technology and shipping.

The President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce said that through this project, the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation are currently being clarified by defining and supporting entrepreneurship, the factors of its emergence and influence on it, its benefits and importance in light of global trends towards focusing on the knowledge economy and deepening the culture of entrepreneurship. Of great importance in supporting the Egyptian economy and increasing its competitiveness locally and internationally, which is what we seek to achieve in the Chambers of Commerce in integration with all ministries and relevant authorities under the umbrella of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, noting that supporting entrepreneurship means establishing a new business project that provides added economic efficiency, and resource management Efficiently and effectively to introduce something new or create a new economic and administrative activity.

Al-Araby stressed that from the economic point of view the establishment of entrepreneurship projects leads to increasing job opportunities and raising the rates of production and operational capacity of the national economy, and from the social side, the spread of the concept of entrepreneurship in society leads to the generation of entrepreneurship, innovation and competition among young people, pointing out that the implementation of this The project in the Chambers of Commerce within the development and development plan of the Union, which was drawn up in line with the general development plan of the state.

Dr. Ghada Khalil, director of the Rowad 2030 project at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, said that Egypt is a first model in this project through the chambers of commerce, and it is planned to generalize this experience to the rest of the Arab countries, and the youth who will then work in entrepreneurship centers are currently being prepared so that there will be Preparing to receive entrepreneurs through the skills of dealing and cooperation with them and the challenges they may face.

Dr. Ghada Khalil revealed that the goal of the project is to establish centers for entrepreneurs in all governorates, but the beginning is as an experiment in three governorates through the Chambers of Commerce in Minya, Sohag and Beheira, and an overview of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt is currently being clarified, especially since the Ministry of Planning is concerned The development of the entrepreneurship system in Egypt to ensure its contribution to economic development and the great partnership between the Ministry and the Federation of Chambers is an important step to support entrepreneurs through this experience in the three governorates. Through these centers, incubators will be established for entrepreneurs to provide all the services that entrepreneurs need to develop their ideas and access to real projects, stressing that the current days are well prepared for the opening of the centers, and the actual work plan will be launched by the concerned authorities soon.