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The 2003 team is watching the winner of Senegal and Saudi Arabia to meet him in the fourth round of the Arab Championship

Officials of the technical staff of the Egyptian national team, born in 2003, are attending the Saudi national team match against Senegal, which is scheduled for five in the evening, especially that the winner of them will face Egypt in the semi-finals of the Arab Championship hosted by Egypt until July 7 next.


The Egyptian youth team, born in 2003, defeated Tajikistan 3-0 to qualify for the fourth round of the Arab Championship, which Egypt will host until next July 7, and the goals of the Egyptian team were Ahmed Sharif, Ahmed Hawash and Youssef Hassan in the 27th, 35th and 47th minutes.


The Organizing Committee of the Arab Football Championship, born in 2003, hosted by Egypt, decided to reschedule the matches and postpone them for an hour due to the high temperatures during the current period in Cairo, where the matches are held at five and eight in the evening instead of four and seven in the evening.