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Stock exchange companies distribute EGP 330 million in profits to shareholders within 13 days

The Egyptian Stock Exchange’s weekly report revealed that the listed companies distributed cash dividends of 130.2 billion pounds until mid-June, despite the decision of the Central Bank of Egypt not to allow banks to make cash dividends from annual or retained profits that can be distributed to shareholders, and the profits were distributed between 2.574 billion EGP 537 million during the month of March, EGP 7.325 billion during April, EGP 2.25 billion during May, and EGP 330 million until June 13th.


 October Pharma companies, Architectural Engineering Industries for Construction and Development - Icon, Al Shorouk Modern for Printing and Packaging distributed coupons No. 13, 25, 15, worth 3 pounds, 0.25 pounds, and 2 pounds, respectively.


23 companies distributed cash dividends to shareholders during the month of April, most notably: Arab Aluminum, Arab Food Industries-Domty, Edita for Food Industries, Egyptian Financial and Industrial, Al-Tawfiq for Financial Leasing-ATLis, paid coupons of 1.5 pounds, 0.2 pounds, 0.207 pounds, 0.25 pounds, 0.196 pounds, respectively.


The companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange had distributed cash dividends to shareholders, amounting to 23.7 billion pounds during the year 2020, divided into 83 million pounds, 45 million pounds, during the months of January and February, respectively, 206 million pounds during the month of March, and the month of April recorded the highest in Distributions amounting to 13.518 billion pounds.


Stock exchange companies distributed profits of 487 million pounds in May, 299 million pounds in June, 2.774 billion pounds in July, 433 million pounds in August, 135 million pounds in September, and 1.8 billion pounds in October. 3.6 billion pounds in November, and 517 million pounds in December.


Cash dividends are defined as the amount that companies pay in dividends each year in relation to their share price, and 92 companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange achieved cash dividends of about 23.8 billion pounds during 2019.



The Egyptian Stock Exchange, a leading market in the region, is registered with a number of investors from individuals, financial institutions and investment funds, and the listing helps to provide many advantages, including: the necessary financing to help industrial, commercial and service entities in sustainable growth, and diversifying the financing sources available to them.


The offering on the stock exchange contributes to expanding the base of ownership of companies, improving the performance of companies, enhancing the principles of transparency and governance systems and diversifying their resources. The offering also aims to develop, develop and revive the movement of capital flow and trading in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and raise market capital to be more attractive to investors.