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Simple steps to boost the child's immunity to prevent diseases

Boosting immunity is indispensable for both children and adults, as strong immunity helps reduce the risk of infection in children and maintain their health, and one of the primary ways to boost immunity in both children and adults is to add healthy and nutritious food, along with other tips to improve the lifestyle In this report, we learn about the 5 most important tips to boost children’s immunity in light of the Corona epidemic, according to the “Times of India” website.


Tips to boost children's immunity in light of the Corona epidemic

Healthy and balanced diet

Diet plays an important role in strengthening the child's immune system, and reduces the risks of precocious puberty, obesity and graying hair.

You can include a group of foods that strengthen immunity for children, such as:

Seasonal fruits: Eating them boosts immunity and promotes the growth of good gut bacteria.

Rice is easy to digest and is an important food to add to a child's diet. Rice is rich in many nutrients, the most important of which is a special type of amino acid.

Nuts A handful of cashews in between meals will provide children with the micronutrients they need to keep them active.

Diet is just one factor that has a powerful impact on your immune health, but there are some other daily activities that we do intentionally and unintentionally that may be detrimental to our health.

Fixed bedtime

People often underestimate the importance of maintaining a consistent bedtime, but sleep plays an important role in maintaining our immunity and health, as it reduces the risk of obesity and helps reduce cravings for unhealthy foods.

Avoid fast foods

Avoid all types of processed or fast foods. These foods are full of trans fats, contain minimal nutrients, often contribute to weight gain and do not nourish the body, and even packaged foods that have been labeled healthy are not healthy.

Physical activity

Maintaining physical activity is another important lifestyle habit that helps you stay fit and active. Exercising boosts your metabolism and reduces your risk of chronic diseases.