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“Samsung Egypt” launches the third cycle of “Innovation Campus” to train students in technology

The launch of the first virtual community that includes graduates of the program from Egypt and the Middle East to contribute to supporting digital transformation in the region

Samsung Egypt has announced the launch of the third cycle of the Innovation Campus Samsung program to train more students in various technological fields, with the aim of increasing their efficiency and qualifying them for the labor market. 120 students will participate in the program, 60 of whom will receive training in programming and 60 students in the field of artificial intelligence, including It is in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 to enable Egyptian youth to keep pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Samsung launched the Innovation Campus Samsung program in 2019, at the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) in the Smart Village, in cooperation with the Life Makers Foundation and under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, with the aim of qualifying and preparing young people for the labor market by developing their professional skills, and raising the level of competencies and technological skills The program is based on a number of intensive training courses related to programming and artificial intelligence.

With the spread of the Corona virus, the second stage was launched through a virtual platform to keep pace with the conditions of social separation, as Samsung succeeded in the plan to move from typical online learning to spreading a culture of self-learning, to prepare a distinguished generation that seeks continuous development, by filming and documenting the scientific material with video and transferring it. Samsung Campus into a digital hub that creates video content for e-learning.

The company has succeeded in qualifying 120 graduates from the program who have a smooth understanding of programming languages ​​and practical experience to design smart projects that support digital transformation through modern applications and technologies.

This year, Samsung will launch the SIC Alumni Society, which is the first Egyptian society that brings together senior and young programming professionals in Egypt, as well as young people from the Middle East who have received training programs affiliated with Samsung, to participate in leading the region towards digital transformation, and the trainers will be selected for the upcoming courses from the alumni community With the aim of the program’s sustainability and continuity in providing training and investing young people who have proven competence throughout the program in transferring their expertise to new trainees; To ensure the provision of education to the largest possible number of young people.

Ahmed Ali Jaafar, Head of Marketing at Samsung Egypt, said that the company is interested in developing the communities in which it operates, whether through development projects that we are interested in in terms of social responsibility, or developing youth and qualifying them for the labor market, especially since Egypt is a young country with most of its population in the category The age group is under 30 years, and the Egyptian youth have distinguished minds that have a great ability to learn, which requires the provision of various training programs to hone their skills to obtain suitable opportunities, pointing out that this keeps pace with the directions of the Egyptian state in this file.

Jafar added that Samsung seeks to continue this program to accommodate the largest number of trainees, so it established the SIC Alumni Community to provide an opportunity for communication between all those who received this training, and to benefit from those who showed competence in transferring their experiences to new trainees.

For his part, Moussa Georgy - Director of Brand and Public Relations at Samsung Electronics Egypt, said, We believe that the third batch of SIC will reveal more energies and capabilities of Egyptian youth in the field of programming and artificial intelligence. Samsung is very interested in what the new generation will offer, along with previous generations of program graduates, to achieve the goals of Egypt 2030.