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Russia's Jamalia: The "Sputnik" vaccine protects against all currently known strains of corona

Alexander Ginzburg, director of the Jamalia Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Ministry of Health, confirmed that the "Sputnik - V" vaccine protects against all currently known strains of the Corona virus.


Ginzburg said, in a statement to "Russia-1" TV channel, today, Sunday: "The antibodies obtained as a result of using the "Sputnik - V" vaccine protect against all currently known strains, whether British or Indian known as Delta."


He added, "It is possible to revaccinate with the "Sputnik V" vaccine as well, as there are absolutely no problems in this matter," noting that the single-component vaccine "Sputnik Lite" is used to raise the level of antibodies after the first vaccination or after recovery from the disease.


He pointed out that repeat vaccination using the "Sputnik Lite" vaccine will raise the level of antibodies and will provide protection against all mutations of the emerging "Corona" virus.


And Gentzburg had confirmed yesterday, Saturday, that revaccination again with the “Sputnik V” vaccine is a completely safe process, explaining also that the “Sputnik Lite” vaccine, which consists of one component, is the most suitable for repeat vaccination.

It is worth noting that “Sputnik V” is the first registered vaccine in the world based on the well-studied human adenovirus platform, and the “Sputnik V” vaccine has been registered in more than 65 countries, and “Sputnik V” is one of three vaccines in the world with more than 90%. The effectiveness of the vaccine was calculated at the level of 91.6% based on the data of 19,866 volunteers who received the first and second injections of the “Sputnik V” or placebo vaccine, and 78 confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection were recorded during the last control and monitoring phase, according to what was published by the “sputnikvaccine” website. ".