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Russia: The launch of the "Brest-300" reactor opens a new era in nuclear energy

The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeyev, announced today, Tuesday, that Russia will start building the unique "Brest" nuclear reactor, which means the inauguration of a new era in the development of the nuclear energy industry.


"Today we are witnessing the inauguration of a new era in the development of the nuclear energy industry, as this project combines the latest scientific achievements that formed its basis on the one hand and the beauty of its application on the other hand," Sergeyev said at the opening ceremony of the new project.


He added that the "Brest" project is the first project that fully complies with all the requirements of large-scale safety and economic conditions, and its goal is to ensure the permanent and stable development of the country.


The chemical complex "Siberia" of the Russian nuclear corporation "Rosatom" in the Tum district of western Siberia witnessed today the launch of the construction of the new generation "Brest-OD-300" reactor, which will become the heart of the experimental demonstration complex, which in turn will embody a new quality for the future A nuclear energy industry that will be characterized by safety, low resource consumption, competitiveness and environmental cleanliness.


It is noteworthy that the capacity of the new "Brest-Audi-300" nuclear reactor operating with fast neutrons amounted to 300 megawatts, and it will also become an integral part of the "Prorev" project of the Russian nuclear corporation "Rosatom", which has been in progress since 2010.