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Pyramids terminate Aruabarrena's contract and the coach's departure from the club after the Confederation

Sources revealed to the seventh day that the Pyramids administration agreed with the Argentine Rodolfo Aruabarina to leave and terminate the contract between the two parties as soon as the team’s journey in the Confederation ended, whether or not he succeeded in winning the title. He has great failures, especially at the local level.

The Pyramids administration began its negotiations with the replacement of Aruabarina, where the choices were limited to two coaches, one of whom is an Egyptian coach and the other is a foreigner. The first leg in Cairo is a goalless draw, or on July 10, which is the date of the final match of the Confederation Cup.

Pyramids officials reached a material agreement with Arruabarina regarding the termination of his contract, so that he will leave the team after the Confederation and receive a sum of money, which is the penalty clause, as his contract continues until the end of the current season, specifically in next November, but the Pyramids administration sees the need to change the coach to preserve the team’s hopes. Being in the Golden Square in the General League to play in the Confederation Cup in the new season.

Aruabarina took over the leadership of Pyramids on November 11, 2020, and his contract with the team extends until November 2022. He led the team in 35 matches, won 18 matches, drew in 11 matches, received 6 defeats, Pyramids scored 55 goals under his leadership, while conceding 36 goals, The biggest defeat he received was 4/2 against Ceramica. Under his leadership, Pyramids occupies 8th place in the league table.