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Politico: The return of the muzzle and distancing is unlikely in America, despite the spread of the Delta variable

The American magazine Politico said that senior health officials in the Biden administration, who are trying to slow the spread of the delta variant of the Corona virus, have largely abandoned the possibility of returning orders to wear masks and social distancing, in favor of a broad campaign to educate about the vaccine.

 The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Covid-19 task force at the White House discussed whether they would pressure mayors and state governors in the Midwest and South, where the Corona “delta” variant is widespread, to restore orders to wear a mask, according to what he said. Three high-ranking officials in the Biden administration .. However, the administration concluded in the end that many people who did not receive the vaccination were also those who refused to wear the muzzle.

 Instead, the federal government will try to persuade Americans who refuse to be vaccinated, to work with state officials and members of trusted communities, and to limit the benefits of the vaccine, according to the sources.

 The president's team is not confident that the new campaign will change thinking, but it is backing away from the relatively old message because senior administration officials don't know if other tactics will work.


 46% of the American people have received the Corona vaccine, and the number of doses that have been injected has fallen to only about 300,000 per day since the seventh of June, exceeding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Politico said the declining vaccination rates highlight the extent to which the White House is struggling to find new and better ways to persuade Americans to get vaccinated, while the rest of the world is struggling to secure doses. It also raises questions about how the federal government will manage the increase in delta-related coronavirus cases in the coming months, as businesses and schools return to normal operations.