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Pharco Pharmaceuticals: An Egyptian-Malaysian cooperation to register a new drug substance to treat C . virus

Dr. Sherine Helmy, CEO of Pharco Pharmaceuticals Group, stated that it was announced on Monday, June 14, 2021, the registration of a new drug compound (Ravida tablets, 200 mg) for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Malaysia.

This drug is the product of a fruitful cooperation between Pharco Pharmaceuticals, the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Pharmaniaga Pharmaceuticals Malaysia and the "DNDI" organization working in the field of scientific research to combat neglected diseases in middle and low-income countries, as well as Doctors Without Borders after five years of hard work to create And the production of the raw material for the drug (Ravidasvir), which was manufactured at the factories of the Pharco B International Chemical Company in the new city of Borg El Arab. The material was approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, which registered the drug, as well as clinical trials in Malaysia and Thailand in cooperation with the "DNDI" organization, which took 4 years of hard work.


The result of research has proven the success of this drug in treating different genotypes of the C virus, with a cure rate of 97%, making it the best drug, especially for the third genotype that is prevalent in Southeast Asia

Helmy added that the production of this drug reduces the cost of treating a Malaysian patient to $300 instead of $11,000

In the past five years, Malaysia treated only 10 thousand patients, while Egypt treated 4 million and one hundred thousand patients with hepatitis C.


The Malaysian health authorities have reported that there are 400,000 patients waiting for this treatment and this breakthrough in the cost.

It is known that there are 58 million people infected with this disease in the world, and during the past five years only 13% of these patients have been treated, most of them from Egypt, and this disease leads to cirrhosis of the liver and the patient may develop liver cancer, which leads to the lives of 300,000 patients annually.


It is worth noting that 75% of those infected with this disease in the world are unaware of their infection, and therefore they called this disease the “silent killer.” The Egyptian Ministry of Health conducted a medical survey of 60 million Egyptians to discover and eliminate this disease, based on the initiative of President Abdel Fattah Sisi for a hundred million health.


Helmy thanked God Almighty for his great success, then to the scientific team of the Pharco group of companies, manufacturing and analysis experts, as well as the Malaysian side represented by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Pharma Niaga Pharmaceuticals, the “DNDI” team, and Doctors Without Borders for their effort and money in order to Producing safe and effective medicine within the patient's reach.