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Petroleum: Soon the operation and opening of new gas stations, as part of a program to increase them to 1,000 stations

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, accompanied by Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, and Major General Magdy Anwar, head of the National Roads Company, inaugurated in the presence of Representative Hossam Awadallah, Chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee in the House of Representatives, Representative Abdel Khaleq Ayyad, Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, and a number of members of the House of Representatives And Al-Shuyoukh, a new station for refueling cars with natural gas (Cargas - Chillout) Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.


Al-Mulla also inspected the new station (Gastech - Shell Out), which is being prepared for operation to the public in the near future, as the two new stations come to serve the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road on both sides of the natural gas users using cars, in addition to being a model for the integration of the petroleum sector and the National Roads Company in Egypt. Providing distinguished services to citizens by investing in Shellout liquid fuel stations in establishing natural gas catering stations, which allows the citizen to have an integrated station that includes various types of fuel.


During the inauguration, Eng. Tarek El-Molla stressed that the projects of establishing stations for supplying and converting cars to use natural gas are constantly expanding in various governorates in implementation of the national project within the framework of the presidential initiative to support the expansion of the use of natural gas as a fuel for cars, noting that the opening of new gas stations on a vital road such as Cairo-Alexandria Road And the start of its establishment outside the cities comes as a confirmation of the continuous spread of this service and the demand for it and as a contribution to facilitating the citizens of its users when accessing the highways.


Al-Mulla explained that the current and upcoming period is witnessing the operation and opening of new stations and their entry into service successively within the framework of the ministry's ambitious program to increase the number of stations to 1,000 stations at the level of the Republic, explaining that there are about 340 stations providing services at the level of the Republic for about 380,000 cars currently using gas, in addition to about 450 stations are under construction to enter service successively during the next few months, in addition to contracting 10 mobile stations after operating the first last month to provide gas catering service for cars on highways as well as in areas where the service is not currently available.


He stressed that the current initiatives represent a distinct opportunity for the citizen to take advantage of the unprecedented advantages and facilities to convert to the use of natural gas for cars, which is provided by the presidential initiative to replace and convert cars, which is witnessing cooperation between the ministries of Petroleum, Finance, Trade and Industry and the Central Bank in order to achieve the greatest benefit for the citizen to replace his car with a new car that uses gas. In addition to the installment programs and facilities provided by natural gas companies for cars to those wishing to convert their cars through conversion centers in cooperation with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority and Egyptian banks, pointing out that the project has a positive impact on the state’s trade balance, as well as its environmental advantages, explaining that the expansion in Implementation of model road networks that brought about a qualitative leap and contributed positively to rationalizing part of the fuel consumption. This is supported by the giant projects that the state is working on to use modern mass transportation, such as the express train and monorail, to integrate all these efforts together in achieving rational management and optimal utilization of fuel resources.


Al-Mulla stressed the importance of the current cooperation with Shellout Company to speed up the implementation of the new stations for natural gas for cars through the investment of Shellout liquid fuel stations, which is a successful model for integration in providing a distinct and integrated service to the citizen. The Minister expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and concerted efforts with Giza Governorate to speed up the completion of gas projects He stressed that the ministry's program aims to establish 92 new car gas stations in the governorate to meet the demand for service.


For his part, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry of Petroleum and its vital role in the rapid dissemination of the uses of natural gas in the governorate through projects that cover its various parts, stressing the continuation of providing support and assistance to natural gas companies for cars through the speedy completion of procedures for the establishment of gas catering and transfer stations to meet Great demand from residents of the province in light of the high number of cars.


For his part, Major General Magdy Anwar, head of the National Roads Company, indicated that Shellout stations provide services to the citizen through 56 stations, and preparations are underway to operate 12 new stations, with the goal of increasing the total stations by the end of the year to nearly 100 stations, and it contributes through its current partnership with petroleum sector companies. The speedy completion of the national initiative, expressing his appreciation to the Ministry of Petroleum and Minister Eng. Tarek El Molla for the concerted and integrated efforts between the two sides and the speed of coordination to achieve the state's plans.


Engineer Hassanein Mohamed, President of Cargas Company, explained about the new station, which is built on an area of ​​600 square meters and includes 12 catering points to serve 1,300 cars per day, with an operating capacity of 1,800 cubic meters of gas per hour, explaining that the station is qualified to double its supply points in the future to 24 points to serve more than About 3,000 cars per day.


Then Al-Mulla and his companions went to inspect the work of preparing the new Gastec station, which is being prepared for its operation to the public during the coming period, and listened to an explanation from Engineer Abdel Fattah Farhat, President of Gastec Company, explaining that the station is qualified to supply 800 cars per day with an operating capacity of 750 cubic meters through 8 charging points, and is characterized by advanced design. Saving space and taking into account the highest levels of safety, adding that the station is the fourth of its kind within the partnership of Gastec and Shellout after the October, New Cairo and Ismailia stations.