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Merkel opposes closing borders again during the Corona crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has opposed closing borders with European neighbors such as France again if the Corona crisis worsens.

According to the Emirati Vision website, Merkel said today, Monday, during an online meeting with the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly, that these measures in the first wave of Corona were “something very difficult ... Perhaps this situation was inevitable at the time, but I agree that something This should not happen again," she said, adding that this also requires very close coordination. "I think we learned from that," Merkel said.

Merkel and French Prime Minister Jean Castex participated in a hearing at the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly today.

The Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly was established in 2019 and includes 50 members from both the German Parliament (Bundestag) and the French Parliament (National Assembly). Assembly deputies usually meet alternately in Berlin and Paris, but recently meetings have been held online due to the Corona pandemic.