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Italian Foreign Minister: We seek to open new tourism markets for our country

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Luigi Di Maio said that his country's government is working to "open more ways to reach foreign tourists."

In his intervention during an event organized by the Italian newspapers Il Sole 24 Ore and the British Financial Times, Di Maio said: "We are working on the tourism sector to reopen more and more corridors," adding, "We have opened flights to Dubai in light of the exhibition that will start next October."

The head of Italian diplomacy also referred to "opening trips to countries such as the United Kingdom, which are outside the European Union, but they are advanced in vaccination processes," and concluded by saying that "we have to open more of these ways and seek to find new ones."

On the other hand, the Italian Foreign Ministry called on Tuesday, that Italy is close to declaring its exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said that "the imminent adoption of a law that will allow the declaration of Italy's exclusive economic zone will represent an important step in the Italian authorities' approach to the seas."

Di Maio added, in a symposium entitled "Sea and Health" organized by the Italian Embassy in the Vatican, "that the creation of the exclusive economic zone will not only entail the expansion of Italy's exclusive sovereign rights over particularly large marine areas, but will increase our country's responsibility for the balanced and sustainable management of sea resources." .

"From this perspective, it will be more important for Italy to realize that it has to manage an area equal to about 20% of the entire area of ​​the Mediterranean," the Italian Foreign Minister noted.