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Iraqi military intelligence seizes rocket launchers and various equipment in Anbar

Yesterday, Saturday, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that, with the assistance of the Intelligence Directorate in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, missile launchers and various ammunition were seized in Anbar Governorate.
And the Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted the cell’s statement that “in light of accurate intelligence information provided by the Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense to its joints in the intelligence department of the Al-Jazeera Operations Command, related to the presence of a cache that includes a cache of ammunition and missile launchers in the Al-Sakrah area located in the Levant desert in Anbar Governorate.” ".
And she pointed out that, "After that, the detachments of the Command Reconnaissance Company, accompanied by a detachment of drones, moved towards the target and reached the stack, which contained two missile launchers, 39 explosive devices in the form of 10-liter glucans filled with C4, 27 detonators, and 11 mortar shells of various calibres. 7 detonation batteries, 4 155 mm artillery shells, 3 Katyusha rockets, two anti-armor mines, and two detonation compressors. The seized materials were processed.
Meanwhile, the Iraqi Security Cell confirmed that "the Directorate of Military Intelligence, in coordination with the Intelligence Department of the Advanced Headquarters for Joint Operations in Kirkuk and the Intelligence Division of the Eighth Division, was able to arrest a wanted suspect according to Article 4 of terrorism in the control of Turklan while he was trying to enter Kirkuk Governorate." ", pointing out that " he was handed over to the Directorate of Intelligence and Combating Terrorism in Kirkuk fundamentally."