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Hossam Hassan is looking for alternatives to Cisse in the youth team

Hossam Hassan, the technical director of the Alexandrian Al-Ittihad team, started the journey of searching for the club's Al-Amal team and some recent emerging players, for a replacement for Razak Cissé, the team's striker, whose absence was confirmed at the end of the season. The Brigadier General is counting on the offensive capabilities of Ahmed Hamdeen and Ahmed Rashid after their great brilliance in the recent period, with mainly reliance on Jamaican Romario Williams.

And the medical apparatus of the Alexandrian Al-Ittihad club has decided that the Ivorian player, Razak Cissé, player of the leader of the gap and loaned from Zamalek, will undergo knee surgery next Sunday.

Mohamed Anan, the team doctor, had tried, through physical therapy, with the player, because he had undergone surgery, but his failure to respond to the stage of physical therapy made him settle for surgery.

The player suffers from a stress fracture in the knee that needs a period of two to three months to be able to return to training normally.

Cisse had traveled to his country for a week on vacation and then returned to regular physical therapy, but the medical system preferred the final solution, which is surgery.

Cisse’s loan ends at the end of the season, but the board of directors hopes to reach a solution with the Zamalek administration, whether to buy Cisse permanently, or at least renew the loan for a season.

The technical staff of the Alexandrian Federation, led by Hossam Hassan, chose to focus on some friendly matches during the downtime to prepare the players technically and physically, in light of the preparations of the leader of the gap to face the clearing in the middle of this month.

The Dean agreed with his players to open a new page during the downtime, and to take advantage of the euphoria experienced by the club after the victory achieved by the leader of Al-Thaqer over Aswan in the match that brought the two teams together at Zahrat Al-Janoub Stadium, far in Egypt, a victory that restored calm to the Green Castle.

Hossam Hassan had lived a difficult period before the last Aswan match, after the team’s results declined, and the Alexandrian club lost victories, in 7 consecutive matches, but returning to Alexandria with Aswan match points prompted the Dean to open a new page.

Hossam Hassan is trying to take advantage of the current downtime to correct some mistakes in the team, especially the defensive link and missed opportunities, which are the two factors that occupy the Brigadier's thought in the recent period.