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Guardian: Cummings publishes a message to Johnson revealing his shortcomings in the face of the first peak of Corona

Dominic Cummings, the former adviser to Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, continued to criticize the government’s performance in the face of the Corona epidemic, and after testifying in the House of Commons and revealing the weaknesses of ministers at the beginning of the pandemic, he published an email claiming to be for Johnson in which he said that the system for testing and tracking Corona injuries He was flawed and only pretended to control the situation.

And the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, said that according to the letter, Johnson described the national testing and tracking system at the height of the first wave of the epidemic as “like whistling in the dark” and that the United Kingdom was on its way to be “the European country with the most deaths and the most economically affected.” .

The prime minister is alleged to have expressed his view in an email to his closest advisers in April 2020 amid concern in Downing Street about serious shortcomings in mass testing plans by Matt Hancock's Department of Health and Welfare.

Johnson reportedly complained about "applications that aren't working yet" and "above all, he (Hancock) has no idea how to move new cases to a manageable level or how long it will take... (Britain) has the distinction of being the most populous European country in the world. deaths and the largest in terms of economic damage.” "We have to change that," he concluded.

The email, sent on April 26, 2020, was published by Cummings on Friday in a new blog post titled: "More Evidence of How the Carelessness of the Prime Minister and Hancock is Killing People."

Cummings also revealed that he warned Johnson that the government was "negligently killing" residents of nursing homes in the first wave of the epidemic due to the Hancock administration's failure to regulate Corona tests.

"These damned plans should already be there...but I don't think they are," Cummings told the prime minister on May 3, 2020 via WhatsApp and that "right now, I think we're negligently killing the most vulnerable people who are supposed to be." It's under protection and I'm very concerned about that."