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Everything you need to know about semiconductors and their threat to the automotive and electronics industry

Semiconductors have become the challenge facing several vital industries, especially the automotive, smart phones and electronic games industries, given the importance of these conductors in chips for capturing, processing and storing data, but what are semiconductors, their types and importance for vital industries.

s. What are semiconductors?

c. Semiconductors are a group of crystalline solids that have medium electrical conductivity, are energy efficient and, because they are low in price, are widely used in the electronics industry.

s. What are the components of semiconductors?

c. Semiconductors are made of silicon, germanium, and other compounds.

s. What are the types of semiconductors?

c. Semiconductors are divided into two types: negative semiconductors, which contain a greater amount of free electrons, which means that they have a higher conductivity, and there are positive semiconductors in which free electrons are few and their ability to conduct less.

s. When did semiconductors first appear?

c. The first appearance of semiconductors came in 1901, when Jagadish Chandra Bose invented the first semiconductor device, which he called cat whiskers, a modifier of electric current used in semiconductors to detect radio waves.