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Egypt Post conveys its experience in digital transformation to Arab countries

Sameh Abdel Sattar Suleiman, Head of the International Cooperation Sector at the Egyptian Post Authority, said that the Forum of the Permanent Arab Post Committee is discussing several files, foremost of which are digital transformation and e-commerce, adding in this regard that the Egyptian Post has been racing for more than 5 years in transferring the traditional mail traffic to the digital one. that would make the post able to deal with the current technological communication data, the policies of paperless communication, disclosure of transparency, securing financial elements and paying elements that would combat money laundering, all of this became the push of the post as a platform to provide a set of services that are purely digital and go beyond the normal paper performance Which sparked a lot of gossip.

Soliman added, to "The Seventh Day", that the Egyptian Post was a race to organize more than one Arab and African gathering to address this issue as we are pioneers in this field, and we have a group of experts in the postal institution who specialize in this field and have succeeded in creating a digital revolution within the post The Egyptian and cumulative experience became necessary for us to transfer to the Arab region, and this is available in the work teams that did the work over the past two days.


The forum also dealt with the opening of membership in postal groupings to elements other than postal administrations, which is difficult to be competitors of members of the Universal Postal Union; Because it is the decision maker and when I introduce competitors they become either a positive element in terms of exchanging insights and benefiting from experiences and turning the situation into profit for all and at the same time it can be a negative element in strengthening the tools of private companies that have higher capabilities and marketing capabilities than the postal administrations, and this is a reflection negatively on mail in government institutions, and therefore the issue needs a lot of study because the Arab platform needs to come up with a picture and a vision with which it faces the world in the event that other parties enter the postal world through the Universal Postal Union, it will be a competitor and at the same time a member and decision-maker.


The forum will also discuss general issues related to the regulation of wages and services, respond to the so-called disputes that are called between the industrial camp and the financial camp in the Universal Postal Union regarding final expenses and other relevant postal services, and coordinate the Arab position in the next Congress in Cote d'Ivoire so that there is an Arab position. Influential on the lobby committed to decision-making in the postal institution.


Egypt hosted the activities of the Forum of the Permanent Arab Postal Committee in Sharm El-Sheikh, during the period from May 31 to June 30, and this year the forum witnessed a wide participation by specialized Arab delegations and senior global postal figures concerned, led by Engineer Hisham Hasab Al-Rasoul, Sudanese Minister of Communications and Bashar Hussein, Director General The International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union, Pascal Clivaz, Deputy Director-General of the International Bureau of the Union, and Younes Jibreen, Secretary-General of the Comprehensive African Postal Union, in addition to the participation of delegations of 15 countries from heads of Arab postal bodies and institutions, and the presence of all candidates for the posts of Director-General and Deputy Director-General of the Universal Postal Union, In addition to the leaders of the Egyptian Post, headed by Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Post.