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Does the Corona vaccine give the human body a magnetic force? .. Know the truth

The Corona virus vaccine still carries the largest share of rumors and myths that appear on social media platforms day after day, the most famous of which was that it leads to sterility or leads to death two years after obtaining it, but the recent allegations about the development of “magnetic” forces after vaccination against Corona has taken over social media platforms in India, and according to a report by the Times of India, an Indian man claimed that he developed magnetic forces after taking a dose of the Corona vaccine.

According to the report, another Indian man said that metal objects were attached to his body after being vaccinated to prove his point. He also uploaded a video of him, showing plates, spoons and coins attached to his body, but how much is this? Are these allegations false and fabricated?, which prompted the Indian government to issue an official statement to respond to these myths.

The PIB Fact Check website of the Indian Press Information Office (PIB) said that these allegations about giving corona vaccines super magnetic forces are unfounded, as vaccines cannot cause a magnetic interaction in the body, and Corona virus vaccines are completely safe and do not contain any metal components.

In a plea to people, the PIB Fact Check team said: "Don't fall prey to misinformation about corona vaccines and get vaccinated."

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also denied these allegations about developing magnetic forces after vaccination and included them under the “Myths and Facts About Corona Vaccines” section on their website, besides they stated that receiving a Corona vaccine will not make anyone Magnetized, including at the vaccination site, which is usually the arm.

The CDC clarified that corona vaccines do not contain ingredients that can produce an electromagnetic field at the injection site.

In addition, the typical dose of a corona vaccine is less than a milliliter, which is not enough to allow the magnet to be attracted to your vaccination site even if the vaccine is filled with magnetic metal.

What makes magnets stick to people?

Experts have come up with several theories to explain why magnets stick to the body, and according to them, it's fat on the skin or even sweat that makes things stick to their bodies. Some have also claimed that it could be a technical trick.

What side effects of corona vaccines should we be aware of?

Different individuals have a wide range of post-vaccination symptoms from fever, fatigue and nausea to body aches along with itching, redness and swelling at the vaccination site.