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Details of the technical meeting of the match between Raja and Pyramids.. and the way to deal in the event of a var . failure

Today, a technical meeting was held in a hotel in Casablanca, for the match between Moroccan Raja and Pyramids, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the African Confederation Cup.


Pyramids will be a guest of Moroccan Raja at nine in the evening tomorrow, Sunday, at Mohammed V Stadium, in the second leg of the continental semi-final, after the first leg between Pyramids and Raja in Cairo ended in a goalless draw at the Air Defense Stadium, provided that the match against Casablanca, which qualifiers for the final to be held in Benin, will be resolved. Next July 10th.


During the meeting, which was held in the presence of the organizers of the meeting from the CAF side and the delegates of the Pyramids Clubs and the Moroccan Raja Club, all organizational matters related to the clothes of the two teams, dates of attendance, movement to the stadium and media arrangements were arranged.


During the technical meeting, the Pyramids mission thanked the officials of Al-Raja Club for the good reception and hospitality since the mission arrived in Casablanca and for confirming the good relations between Pyramids and Al-Rajaa, which appeared over 4 confrontations during the current season in the Confederation.


The Pyramids delegation will move from its hotel of residence two hours before the two matches on its way to the Mohammed V complex stadium, which will host the meeting, with full insurance from the Moroccan police for the team’s movement until leaving Casablanca on the way back to Cairo.


It was agreed that Raja, the owner of the land, would wear the complete white color, while his guard would wear the full light blue color, while the Pyramids Club would wear the complete black color and his guard would appear in full pink during the meeting.


The medical observer of the meeting stressed the need to respect medical matters, social distancing, wearing a mask throughout the period of being inside the stadium and respecting the strict medical protocol on the part of the Moroccan Ministry of Health to hold sports matches, while emphasizing that the Raja and Pyramids surveys appeared completely negative from any infection with the Corona virus.


It was confirmed during the technical meeting that the var will be present in the meeting, and in the event that the technique is disrupted, the referee will meet with the captains of the two teams and notify them to complete the match without the technique, according to the regulations of CAF, and if the return meeting ends in a negative tie, as the result of going, the penalty kicks will be directly resorted to without going into the extra time .