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Daily Mail: The spread of the Indian “Delta” strain of Corona is increasing in areas in Britain

The British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, reported that the Indian “Delta” Corona strain is now prevalent in more than 200 regions in Britain, which is a higher percentage than last week, when the strain was only spread in 102 regions, as data shows high rates of infection. This strain is more common than ever.

The “delta” strain known to scientists as B.1.617.2 was the cause of 10,477 infections during the past 14-day period in Britain, or nearly 75% of cases in the two-week period, while only about 3,000 infections were due to the original British strain of the Corona virus. Which caused an increase in injuries in Britain in December.

And Matt Hancock, Britain's health minister, warned yesterday that the Indian strain could be about 40% more transmissible than the Kent strain previously prevalent in Britain.

And the Public Health Authority in England, PHE, had recently conducted a new study in which it indicated that the B.1.617.2 variant, or the “Delta” Indian strain, is now prevalent in Britain, adding that early evidence indicates that the “Delta” strain may cause an increased risk of infection. Hospital admission compared to the strain first discovered in England.

It is worth noting that an analysis of corona cases in England showed that the Indian delta variant carried a 2.61 times higher risk of hospitalization within 14 days compared to the alpha variant, the original British strain of coronavirus, when variables such as age, gender, race and vaccination status were taken into account.

And scientists in India had confirmed that the “Delta” strain is highly contagious and threatens more people who have previously contracted the disease or who have not completed the vaccination doses against the Corona virus.