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Chiellini misses Italy's match against Wales, and confirms: The injury is not serious

Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini confirmed that his injury is not serious, which he suffered against Switzerland last Wednesday in the second round of the group stage of Euro 2020, but he will miss the Azzurri team's next match in the last round of the group stage against Wales on Sunday.

"I feel fine, nothing serious, I will rest for a few days and then we will see, let's say I stop myself in time," Chiellini told the UEFA website.

The Azzurri won the first two matches of the group stage and were unbeaten in the last 29 matches overall.

He added: "We are improving, there is positive energy, we help each other and this is something beyond the starting line-up. When the European Championship was postponed last year, I immediately said that we will benefit from it, many players have improved since then and we are more mature."

He continued: "We will face difficult matches and strong opponents, but we are ready. We will play the rest of the tournament with calmness, enthusiasm and balance. Leo Bonucci and I have been playing together for many years. We have a special feeling. We don't even need to look at each other, but the others are really strong as well."

"Acherby has always played well, the same goes for Toldi, Bastoni and Di Lorenzo, we are a united group and we live this adventure happily, you can see our passion."

He pointed out: “It is important to be a reference point for other players, they give me a lot, there is enthusiasm and it was great to play in Rome, after what happened last year, it seems that 15 or 16 thousand fans are on the field, playing at our home gives us that extra motivation ".

Italy have already booked their place in the Round of 16 and will top their group if they do not lose to Wales on Sunday.

And he added: “They are a great team, and I am happy for Aaron Ramsey because he scored and because he has that consistency that he lacks at Juventus, no one has ever doubted his qualities, he is always in the right place at the right time, he is an exceptional person.”

"Wales have been playing together for many years, we all know Gareth Bale, they've gone through some small changes, but not revolutions."

He continued: “We have qualified for the knockout stage and now we want to win our group, at this stage, if we win the group, we will see if we have to play Austria or Ukraine.”