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Ceramica: We did not receive official offers from Mohamed Ibrahim or Gomaa, and we did not think about Marwan and Bwalya

Moataz Al-Batawi, General Supervisor of the ball at Ceramica Club, revealed the fact that Ceramica received offers from Al-Ahly or Zamalek to include players from the team, and Al-Batawi said in statements to the “Be On Time” program: Talking about Zamalek’s offers is just talk about the social media and the contracts of Saleh Jumaa and Mohamed Ibrahim Extended with us, and if any offers arrive, we will discuss the matter with the technical staff, and officially we have not received any offers so far, all we heard through the social media is that Al-Ahly and Zamalek are looking for some players, no one has spoken to us officially or friendly, everything that is raised is through the social media or some agents.

He added: We follow the principle of selling in one case, which is the approval of the technical staff and knowledge of the extent to which alternatives are provided, and the ability to compensate players in the event of their departure.

And about the possibility of joining Marwan Mohsen or Walter Bwalya in the next season, Al-Batawi said: So far we have not discussed the file of new deals, and I think that Al-Ahly did not open the door for the departure of players, especially at this time. He will look for a replacement, and this is the reason for the rumors that Ceramica will join Bwalya or Marwan Mohsen.

He concluded: Rajab Bakkar, the same story, was borrowed from Pyramids with the intention of selling, and it is among our choices in the next season, and the first and last opinion of the coach, and the technical evaluation has not yet been completed to determine our needs, but Rajab Bakkar is a respected and useful player for us.