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British court convicts police officer of manslaughter of soccer player Dalian Atkinson

A British court has found a police officer guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of former professional footballer Dalian Atkinson during a confrontation in August 2016.

And the English-language Sky News channel reported, today, Wednesday, that the officer from the West Mercia Police Department, in Hereford, named Benjamin Monk, is the first police officer in the United Kingdom to be charged with manslaughter in 35 years.

While the jury in Birmingham court continues to deliberate on a directive for Monk's policewoman, Mary Ellen Betley Smith, who is on trial for assault related to the player's death.

The jury stated that Monk had used the detonator on Atkinson twice, but with little effect, except that the detonator worked the third time and lasted for 33 seconds while the usual cycle of a detonator is 5 seconds.

The jury said it had evidence that the officer then forcefully kicked Atkinson at least twice in the head during the nearly five-year standoff.

The court is expected to pronounce the verdict against the police officer, who acquitted him of the charge of premeditated murder in that case.