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Brazil determines the future of "Copa America" ​​tomorrow, after demands to prevent its establishment due to Corona

On Thursday, Brazil's Supreme Court will discuss two applications seeking to prevent the holding of the "Copa America" ​​tournament in Brazil, which has been badly affected by the Corona pandemic, causing new uncertainty about the turbulent South American championship, according to the Brazilian authorities.

The judges of the Supreme Court will decide, remotely and within 24 hours, the future of the international tournament, scheduled to start on Sunday and end on July 10, and which has the support of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian newspaper O Globo said.

On Thursday, the President of the Federal Supreme Court, Minister Luis Foz, called for an extraordinary virtual session, lasting 24 hours, for the judges to take a decision on "the holding of the America's Cup in Brazil."

The judges of Brazil's highest court will vote on two measures calling for the tournament to be suspended: one from the National Confederation and one from the Brazilian Socialist Party and Congressman Julio Delgado.

The text added that the plaintiffs warn that the Copa America represents a health risk and violates the right to life and health.

A potential judicial veto could be the final hurdle at the 2021 Copa America, which was originally scheduled to be played last year in Argentina and Colombia.

However, Brazil unexpectedly took over the organization last Monday, in the absence of two weeks from the start whistle, after leaving Argentina weeks ago, due to the exacerbation of the epidemic, and from Colombia, amid a social outbreak that leaves dozens dead.

The appointment of Brazil as the headquarters of a series of internal and external criticism of the serious health situation of the Latin American giant, the second country with the highest number of deaths (more than 474,000), a figure not exceeded by the United States.

The players and the technical committee of Selecao expressed their opposition to the tournament being held in the country, before the Brazilian Football Confederation, which is responsible for logistics, according to local media.

The Copa America is expected to be held from June 13 to July 10 without an audience in Rio de Janeiro, Cuiaba, Brasilia and Goiania.

The Brazilian Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroa, confirmed, the day before, that the fourth cup in the past six years, would be held in a "good environment", with periodic tests for athletes and special health protocols.