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Barcelona seeks to contract with Donnarumma, a free alternative to Stegen

English press reports revealed today that the Spanish club Barcelona is seeking to contract with Italian Gianluigi Donnarumma, Milan goalkeeper, to protect the Catalan team's den in a free deal as a substitute for German Ter Stegen.

The British "Tribal Football" network confirmed, on Tuesday, that Spanish club Barcelona had moved seriously to sign Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The network added on its website that despite Barcelona's reliance on goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Barcelona believes that signing Donnarumma in a free transfer deal is a very good opportunity that cannot be ignored.

The network quoted a source in Barcelona’s board of directors as saying to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo: The talks are still ongoing, "because it is an opportunity in the market and must be seriously appreciated."

Milan had announced that Donnarumma would leave the club this summer after his contract expired, and the team had already signed with Mike Minnian of Lille.

Donnarumma, 22, played 25 caps with Italy and originally signed for € 250,000 from Castellammare di Stabia at the age of 14.

This coincided with the assurances of Italian reports that Donnarumma was ready to join Juventus with a lower salary than what Milan had offered him, explaining that he refused to sign a new contract with Milan, for 8 million euros per season, while welcoming the 6 million euros of Juventus.