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An unknown fate for Europeans in Britain .. BBC: Notices of reconciliation are a "disaster"

Activists for EU citizens have warned that the Home Office's plan to send 28-day enforcement notices to anyone who has not formally applied for settled status by June 30 is a "recipe for disaster".

"We know the kinds of people who won't apply," said Luke Pepper, head of policy at a grassroots campaigning group.

For his part, Minister for Immigration and Future Borders, Kevin Foster, said that all late applications will be considered if there are reasonable grounds for not meeting the application deadline.

The Ministry of Interior said it also has a mechanism that enables charities facing extremely vulnerable people to quickly track their applications, made it clear that enforcement teams will not knock on doors or screen business owners, and advised all employers to urge citizens who apply late to do so and contact the Ministry of Interior to obtain advice.

Earlier, the British government said immigration enforcement officials would start giving EU citizens living in the UK a 28-day warning to formally apply to remain.

According to the BBC, about 5.6 million EEA citizens and their families have applied for settled status but there are about 400,000 cases pending, and the government helpline receives thousands of calls every day.

Following the 2016 Brexit referendum, which took place five years ago, the stable status of EU and EEA citizens living in the UK was introduced, and among the countries whose citizens submitted the largest number of applications were Poland (975,000) and Romania (918,000). .