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America and NATO are discussing the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan and supporting the Iraqi government

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his NATO counterparts discussed a military withdrawal from Afghanistan and a commitment to defeat ISIS in Iraq.

This came according to what was published by the US Department of Defense on its website today, Wednesday, during a hypothetical preparatory session for the NATO summit scheduled for June 14.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said Austin discussed with NATO defense ministers the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan while continuing to support and work alongside the alliance while the Resolute Support mission transitions to civilian-led engagement.

Speaking of Iraq, Austin emphasized the continued US commitment to defeating ISIS and supporting the Iraqi government.

The US Secretary of Defense welcomed NATO's decisions and plans to respond to emerging and evolving challenges from climate change, cyber threats, and hybrid activities.

Austin praised NATO's military adaptation since 2014 and encouraged allies to set an agenda for continued adaptation in the future, stressing that deterrence and defense must remain NATO's primary mission.

Austin also expressed his strong support for the NATO 2030 initiative launched by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, which aims to keep the alliance strong from a military point of view while strengthening it politically, as well as giving it a more global vision.

He stressed that the initiative would enhance the culture of readiness and make the alliance more flexible and able to face systemic challenges from Russia and China.

NATO is preparing for a June 14 summit among the leaders of member states, in which Joe Biden will participate for the first time after taking office as President of the United States.