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Algerian Minister of Communication: The electoral campaign for the June 12 legislative elections is taking place properly

Ammar Belhimer, Minister of Communication (Information) and spokesperson for the Algerian government, said that the electoral campaign for the early legislative elections scheduled to be held on June 12th is proceeding in a sound and calm manner.

Belhimer added that every action aimed at preventing citizens on voting day from exercising a right guaranteed by the constitution must be punished legally and in the harshest manner.

Belhimer referred to the role of social media and the electronic press, which contributed significantly to the electoral campaign, in addition to the spaces allocated by radio and television (including local radio stations) and the contribution of private channels to electoral campaigns.

He stressed that the upcoming elections should take place in an atmosphere of calm so that citizens can freely exercise their right guaranteed by the constitution, and said, "It is very unfortunate to give that image that we witnessed during the referendum on the constitution, where polling stations were vandalized and voting papers were stolen, and all this He is strongly condemned by the new Penal Code."

He added, "We are in the service of one party that manages these elections, which is the Independent Electoral Authority, so that the executive body should not interfere in the electoral act that is the competence of this authority only, with the aim of ensuring the transparency and integrity of the electoral process, and we, as a government, maintain our neutrality regarding the electoral process." .

He explained that the election authority succeeded in the expected regular transition within the framework of the recent constitutional amendment (November 2020), while giving a new impetus in terms of youth, competence and gender equality.

On the other hand, Belhimer considered that Algeria is one of the countries least affected by the Corona virus epidemic, due to the diligent and strategic work done, and said that the vaccination campaign will be intensified in the coming period.