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Al-Winch postpones Gulf performances to the end of the season

Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, defender of Zamalek and the national team, refused to enter into negotiations with some representatives of clubs from Saudi Arabia and the UAE regarding a contract with him in the next season.

Al-Winch asked the mediators not to enter into negotiations or open the door to negotiations between him and any club until the end of the season, and until a session was held with the club's management and obtained approval to leave for Gulf professionalism, whether by loan or final sale.

Mahmoud Al-Wensh received several offers from Saudi and Emirati clubs, after his brilliance with Zamalek and the national team and became one of the strongest defenders in Africa, but the player expressed his complete refusal to discuss these offers out of respect for Zamalek club and its fans, and he requested that the negotiation be through the club and at the end of the season.

On the other hand, French Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, takes advantage of the rest period of matches, which lasts for two weeks, to rearrange his cards, whether at the technical level by using that period to give the players some technical instructions to implement them inside the green rectangle, especially since the last period witnessed pressure Heavy matches, which prevented the coach from correcting mistakes made by the players optimally.

The French Khawaja is also taking advantage of that period in order to rearrange his cards for the new season deals, as well as the players whose services will be dispensed with in the summer mercato because they are not needed, or the loans that will be terminated and the players will be returned to Zamalek, led by Mustafa Fathy and Razzaq Cisse, and Carteron will also re-evaluate The three goalkeepers so that he can make the final decision as to which he will be dismissed.

The map of Zamalek goalkeepers has witnessed many changes in the past period, so after Muhammad Abu Jabal was the main goalkeeper of Zamalek, he was infected with the Corona virus, to be absent for a long time and Mahmoud Jensh got the opportunity to participate and the goalkeeper succeeded in stabilizing his feet, until he was injured in the back and Muhammad Awwad got the opportunity to participate To hold on to the opportunity and remain the first goalkeeper for Zamalek in the current period, which prompts Carteron to re-evaluate the guards and determine who will continue with the team and who will leave.

It is decided that one of the three guards will be dispensed to avoid the crises that occurred in the recent period between them, and the desire of each of them to participate, with only two guards remaining, provided that the third guard is from the ascendant.