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After the crisis of Salah joining the Olympic team, two players "headache" in Shawky Gharib's head

Sources revealed to “The Seventh Day” that Mohamed Salah, the star of our national team and Liverpool, left the accounts of Shawky Gharib, the technical director of the Olympic team, before participating in the Tokyo Olympics, because the pharaoh could not join because of his English club’s adherence to his services and his refusal to dispense with him at the timing of the Olympics next month.

According to a source within the Olympic team, there are 2 players occupying Shawqi Gharib’s interest at the present time, and the issue of including them is vital for the veteran coach due to the lack of stars in their places or multiple alternatives for them unlike the rest of the centers, and they are Akram Tawfiq, the star of Al-Ahly, who excels in the centers of the defensive midfielder. And the right-back and Mustafa Muhammad, the star of the Turkish Galatasaray attack.

Shawky Gharib finds it very difficult to include the duo Mustafa Mohamed and Akram Tawfiq, the first because of his club’s adherence to him and his refusal to dispense with him during the Olympics, and the second, Al-Ahly refuses to give up on him, especially after the rise of the red genie to the final match of the African Champions League, especially after he became one of the most important pillars of the team The basic and his participation in the final match contradicts the date of the athletes participating in the Olympics entering the medical bubble.

Al-Ahly officials expressed their agreement to advance the date of the final match of the African Champions League by 3 days, so that it will be held next July 14 instead of the 17th of the same month, which is the date set in advance for the match that will be held in Morocco.

 Al-Ahly reached the final after overcoming the Tunisian Esperance obstacle, while Kaizer Chiefs rose after overcoming Moroccan Wydad, and the proposal to submit the match date came from the Olympic team and the Football Association so that Al-Ahly stars could participate with the Olympic team in the Tokyo Olympics, as if the match is held on its original date On the 17th, it will not be possible for Al-Ahly stars to participate in the Olympics.

Al-Ahly officials confirmed their approval of the proposal to support the Olympic team led by Shawky Gharib in their national mission, demanding at the same time that the Football Association take into account this during the development of the local team’s commitments to the general league championship.