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7 reasons why Egypt's digital exports increased to $4.1 billion

The ICT sector succeeded in increasing Egypt’s digital exports from $1.5 billion in 2016 to $4.1 billion in 2020, which contributed to increasing the ICT sector’s share of GDP from 3.2% to 4.4%, and the sector’s GDP rose from 80.1 billion pounds to 107.7 billion pounds, and this success came thanks to several factors that we mention in the following report.



1 - ITIDA's export support program, which succeeded in providing support to more than 200 local companies with more than 400 million pounds.

2 - Attracting foreign investments to provide incentives for the data center industry, as well as the electronics industry.

3 - Launching the Our Digital Future initiative to train 100,000 young people and qualify them to obtain independent job opportunities on global self-employment platforms.


4 - Launching the “Our Digital Chance” initiative to develop small and medium-sized companies and independent professionals, through which 10% of Egypt’s digital projects will be allocated to these companies.


5- Egypt has maintained its regional leadership in the Middle East and Africa in the field of providing cross-border outsourcing services and ranked first regionally and continentally and fifteenth globally in providing outsourcing services.


6 - Egypt ranked first regionally in the availability of skilled labor and the country's susceptibility to digital transformation, according to the Kearney index of "global service sites" for the year 2021; It accounts for 17% of the global outsourcing services industry, according to IDC.


7- Egypt ranked first in the number of investment deals for emerging companies in the Middle East and North Africa.


During the current fiscal year, the communications and information technology sector achieved a growth rate of 16%, and the sector's domestic product is estimated at 125 billion pounds. The number of workers in the sector grew from 233 thousand to 281 thousand, and Egypt’s rank advanced in the Financial Inclusion Index to become among the ten fastest growing countries in the field of digital inclusion among 82 countries. the past.