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6 Information about the new cotton cultivations in the governorates.. Get to know them

Cotton cultivations witnessed a significant increase during the current season, reaching 236.7 thousand acres, as a result of the increase in selling prices of cotton last season, amid expectations of an increase in the price of kantar to 3 thousand pounds during the new season, especially for Lower Egypt cotton.


1- Egyptian long-staple cotton cultivations this season amounted to 236.7 thousand feddans, according to holdings.


2- Cultivations increased by 55.3 thousand feddans compared to last season.


3- The largest areas planted with cotton in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, which amounted to 85.5 thousand feddans.


4- The least areas planted with cotton in Sohag governorate amounted to only 74 acres.


5- Giza cotton exports 94 types of cotton.


6- Fayoum governorate topped the cultivated areas in Upper Egypt, reaching 8943 feddans.