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The two wrestlers are taking part in the Yarijan championships in Russia, in preparation for the Olympics

The Wrestling Federation, headed by Issam Nawar, agreed that Samar Hamza and Inas Khorshid, the two national team players, will participate in the Yarijan championship, to be held in Russia at the end of this month.


It is decided that the two players will set up a camp before the tournament, and that the camp and the tournament will continue from May 26 to June 1, as part of preparations to participate in the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo.


Muhammad Ibrahim Kisho, Muhammad Mustafa, Haytham Fahmy and Abdul Latif Manea, in addition to Samar Hamza and Inas Khorshid qualified from the wrestling team.


Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, agreed with the players of the Romanian wrestling team to present the full training plan for them, and all their needs, to the Olympic Committee, headed by Hisham Hatab, to coordinate and follow up with the Wrestling Federation, in its implementation, in addition to providing training colleagues for them from the team's players in The same weights to train with them according to the times that will be answered in the training plan.