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The Sudanese Armed Forces set up a commission of inquiry into the attacks on peaceful demonstrators

The General Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces announced the formation of an investigation committee to determine the perpetrators of the attacks on peaceful demonstrators during the celebration of the General Command Square on the anniversary of the dispersal of the 29 Ramadan sit-in.

The Sudanese Armed Forces, in a statement reported by the Sudanese News Agency today, Wednesday, affirmed their full cooperation with the legal authorities to reach the facts and is fully prepared to bring to justice everyone who is proven involved in these events.

The General Command confirmed that it did not issue any instructions to the forces that protect the vicinity of the General Command to use ammunition towards the citizens, apologizing for the events that occurred during the marches and promising the Sudanese people that what happened will be subject to investigation and commitment, to reveal the results of the investigation and own it to the public opinion and justice must take its course according to the requirements of the law. .

For his part, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok expressed his regret over the attacks on peaceful demonstrators who gathered in the vicinity of the Sudanese General Command on the anniversary of the massacre to disperse the sit-in of the General Command and the states' sit-ins.

Hamdok added, "We do not forget the events that occurred two years ago in the vicinity of the General Command and the states' sit-ins, in which the blood of the people of Sudan was shed, while the Independent Investigation Commission is still continuing its investigations to uncover the perpetrators of the sit-in dispersal and bring them to trial."

He said that what happened yesterday was a full-fledged crime in which live bullets were used against peaceful demonstrators, and it is something that cannot be tolerated at all, and will not be tolerated or ignored, explaining that the transitional government came in difficult conditions of balance and assumed responsibility in this difficult time to act To achieve the goals of the revolution, on top of which is justice, and to seek to protect the Sudanese blood in every region.