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The success of the first operation in the world to transplant the heart of a two-month-old Spanish girl

A rare heart transplant surgery for a two-month-old Spanish infant saved her life, as this surgery is the first of its kind to be performed at this age, and the Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Spain revealed that she was able to save the child's life through pioneering surgery when doctors implanted a small heart for her after he stopped beating From a donor who has a different blood type, according to Reuters.

Juan Miguel Gil Gorina, Head of the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Madrid Hospital, said that such techniques had not existed for young children 3 years ago and had not been used before with a very young child.

He added that this case opens the way to saving more children who need heart transplants and they are too young to use ventricular support devices until they obtain a compatible donor, noting that the operation was complicated because the donor was in a hospital in a different Spanish region and the heart stopped beating for a few minutes. , What required an urgent operation to recover, and the hospital did not disclose details about the donor.

The agency confirmed that the child, Nayara, was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease before her birth and weighed only 3.2 kilograms when the surgery was performed, explaining that she was the youngest child to undergo a heart transplant, and 24 hours before the surgery, her condition had worsened a lot.

"If she had not had a heart transplant, she would not have been present now, and Nayara is currently recovering in hospital," said Manuela Camino, Head of the Children's Heart Transplant Unit.

The agency said that with 37.4 donors per million people, Spain last year was a world leader in transplants, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) global database on organ donation and transplantation run by the Spanish organ transplantation organization.