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The story of a goal .. Amr Gamal turns the tables on the Egyptian and wins the cup with Al-Ahly

Amr Gamal's goal in the Egyptian club in the final of the cup championship that brought the two teams together in 2017 is one of the most outstanding goals in the minds of the Al-Ahly fans, especially since Al-Ghazal gave the red team a chance to catch a breath in overtime before making the winning goal to lead his late team with a clean goal to a precious victory. With two goals to one goal, Al-Ahly crowned the cup.

Substitute Amr Gamal turned the tables on the Al-Masry Al-Borseidi team and led his Al-Ahly team to convert their delay with a clean goal into a precious 2-1 victory in the deadly time of their match in the Egyptian Cup final.

The original time of the match had ended in a goalless draw after the two teams failed to translate the opportunities they had over the two halves into goals, and the two teams resorted to extra time for half an hour divided equally into two halves.

Al-Masry advanced with a goal scored by Abdullah Beka in the 102nd minute, then Amr Gamal responded with a draw for Al-Ahly in the 117th minute, just 11 minutes after he had come off.

In the stoppage time for overtime, Jamal set up a goal scored by Ahmed Fathy to be the victory for Al-Ahly.