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The Football Association: We addressed the arsenal to include Paulo for the beach team, and they refused to serve him

Officials of the tripartite committee of the Football Association revealed that Tarsana club had been approached in order for the player Hossam Paulo to join the ranks of the Egyptian beach soccer team, who is currently participating in the African Nations Cup for Beach Soccer in Senegal, and the club officials refused to send the player.

The board of directors of the arsenal decided to stop Hossam Paulo, the team's striker, and refer him for investigation, after he was absent from the team's training and the last match against the Republic of Shebin, and it was discovered that he had traveled with the beach soccer team without the knowledge of his club or his administrative apparatus.

The technical staff led by Alaa Noah was surprised that the player was not present, and his phone was switched off after the team met in front of the Ministry of Interior in the 22nd round of the competition and before traveling to Menoufia to face the Republic of Shebin, despite the team’s need for its efforts, in light of the intense competition to rise to the light tournament.

The player has caused many crises in the arsenal since joining at the beginning of the season in a free transfer contract, in addition to not having scored any goals for the team, despite the belief of everyone at the beginning of the season that the player will lead the shawakish to return from the excellent again.