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The Economist: The Coronavirus crisis in India is getting out of control

The British magazine "The Economist" warned of the widening crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19) in India, stressing that this crisis has gone out of control there.


The British Journal stated, in a report in this regard, that "new cases of emerging corona virus in India recorded an unprecedented increase during the outbreak of the Corona epidemic."


She added that "the daily number of new cases of infection that was registered in India on the 30th of last April exceeded 400 thousand, which makes this number the largest of its kind for the number of infections in the world, and it was the second largest number of cases of infection with the Coronavirus, which reached 300 thousand cases. It was registered in America on January 2nd. "


The British magazine warned that: "Although this number of daily infections (400,000 cases) is described as terrible, it is certainly less than the number of real infections, given that the percentage of examinations to detect infection with the new Corona virus among Indians is currently 23.5%. And if a larger proportion of India's 1.4 billion population is examined, millions of new infections will be discovered. "


The Economist said in its report: "Compared to the size of the casualties during the first wave of the Corona epidemic in South Asia, which reached its peak last September, the second wave is considered shocking."


On the other hand, the British Journal reported that South America is the other region that witnessed an increase in the rate of new infections with the Coronavirus, as it recorded an increase of 60% over what it was at the height of the first wave.


With regard to the South Asian region, the "Economist" said that it is registering an increase of up to four times what was the case during the height of the first wave of the outbreak of the Corona virus.


She indicated that there is seldom an indication of a slowdown in the number of infections in the South Asian region, especially since the number of deaths due to the virus is increasing rapidly now, adding that this region recorded about 3,700 deaths on the first of May, a number almost identical to What was recorded in the European Union countries during the height of the Corona epidemic in April and November 2020, when the situation was described as catastrophic.


However, the British magazine says: "It is almost certain that these numbers of infections in India are less than the real number," noting that India's data are collected according to different criteria in different places, and it seems that the goal sometimes is to underestimate this crisis. .


The Economist pointed out that some densely populated Indian states such as Gujarat, which has a population of 64 million, or Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 238 million, reduce the number of official declared deaths due to the deaths of its residents with the new Corona virus. .


But the simple observation, according to the British Journal, indicates that the real number of deaths is higher than the official figures announced, for example, 78 deaths due to infection with the Coronavirus were announced in seven cities in the state of Gujarat nearly two weeks ago, while it was common on the day. The same 689 funerals in the seven cities, according to the established procedures for the funeral of Corona virus victims.


The Economist concluded its report, saying: “There is a faint glimmer of hope amid this state of depression, as the rate of HIV infections in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, decreased to reach the single digits during the weekend, before it jumped to 13 percent. %, Indicating that it must be taken into account that this city was characterized by unusually good organization in its efforts to contain the Corona virus and provide the necessary care for the infected.