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The Austrian chancellor is under investigation for perjury and expectations of 3 years imprisonment

The Austrian Economic Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation against Federal Counselor Sebastian Kurtz and his office manager, Bernard Bonelli, for submitting an alleged false testimony in a corruption case before the Ibiza Commission.


In a statement, Counselor Kurtz revealed the reasons for his being under investigation because it was said that he had not told the truth before the Ibiza Committee, and specifically, regarding the matter of suspicions of corruption in the appointment of the head of the Austrian investment company Thomas Schmid.


The advisor confirmed, in a statement, that he was subject to investigation and adherence to his position and ruled out his resignation.


Kurtz had testified earlier that clearly denies his relationship with the appointment of Schmid and the Supervisory Board of the investment company, but the testimonies of Kurtz and his office manager were contradictory in this file, and chat messages between Kurtz and the head of the investment company Schmid showed exchange of benefits and agreements to end mutual interests in a manner not befitting of a prime minister According to press reports.


According to the Austrian newspaper meinbezirk, the current investigation with Kurtz could end with his presentation of criminal prosecution, and a sentence of up to 3 years in prison.


In a parliament session a few weeks ago, Kurtz said: I will never accept my accusation of corruption or criminal acts, adding, "I will not take it."


The Social Democratic Party accuses Kurtz of flirting with big donors like Schmid, placing them in high positions, and implementing tax breaks for them at the expense of those with middle and low incomes.