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Palestinian Red Crescent: 16 Jerusalemites were injured during clashes with the Israeli occupation

The Palestinian Red Crescent in Jerusalem reported that 16 Jerusalemites were injured during clashes with the Israeli occupation near Bab al-Amud and in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem.

A statement reported by the Palestinian News Agency, today, Tuesday, stated that 3 injuries were transferred to hospitals, while 6 injuries were treated in the field at Al-Amoud Gate, and there were multiple injuries with rubber, stun grenades and gas suffocation.

In the context, a child sustained moderate fractures as a result of being run over by settlers in Khirbet Zakaria, south of Bethlehem, where a security source reported that settlers ran over a child south of Bethlehem, and he was taken to hospital.

In a related context, at least five Palestinian Jerusalemites were injured, and 8 others were arrested, during the suppression by the Israeli occupation forces, of a march that began near the Damascus Gate in occupied Jerusalem, denouncing the brutal aggression against our people.

The Red Crescent in Jerusalem reported - in a statement - that the occupation brutally attacked the demonstrators near the Damascus Gate, severely beat them, and sprayed them with wastewater, causing dozens of them to be injured and suffocated, explaining that its crews dealt with 5 injuries during confrontations with the occupation forces in Bab The column.

The witnesses confirmed that the occupation forces arrested a number of participants and took them to the police stations near Bab al-Amud, and a number of citizens were arrested after the attack on them in Khan al-Zayt market and Bab al-Wad road from the Old City.

The Israeli occupation forces also suppressed hundreds of protesters near the "Beit El" checkpoint, as they fired live and rubber bullets and dozens of tear gas and sound bombs towards citizens, journalists, paramedics and everyone who was in the area. What resulted in the injury of a number of them.