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No tension .. Tips that will help you overcome the fear of the Corona epidemic

Fear, anxiety and stress are natural reactions to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the World Health Organization said that it is natural and understandable for people to feel fear in the context of the Corona pandemic, according to a report by Time Now News

Here are some suggestions to lift your spirits and stay in good mental health

Remember you are not alone: ​​This is the time to know and accept that this is not your fault. There are millions of others in the same boat as you. We all have to get through this together.

Get good sleep: Get enough sleep before you start your routine.

Never stop learning: joining an online learning class in any field helps alleviate the psychological burden of the epidemic.

Learn how to meditate: Scientific studies have proven that practicing meditation helps us live a longer, calmer and healthier life. There are many options and methods available on the Internet, find a quiet corner at home and learn this skill and it will also boost your immunity.

Move and stretch your muscles: Exercising should really be part of your daily routine because exercise releases endorphins in your body, which leads to feeling positive. Plan your day in advance and stick to schedules, so you don't have to skip this activity.

Choose a hobby: Gardening, cooking, crochet knitting, and even reading can be good hobbies for your mental health at this time.

Keep in touch with friends and family digitally: Just because we all practice social distancing, it does not mean that we cannot stay in contact with our family and friends thanks to all the communication technologies that most of us in the industrial world have access to, you can throw virtual parties and concerts, and you can make video calls , And chat online.