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Mohamed Awad guards Zamalek's goal at the top ... and a medical test determines the position of Jensh

The French coach Patrice Carteron, the coach of the Zamalek team, has settled on the participation of Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper of the team, in the main formation of the summit match, scheduled for tomorrow in the matches of the 21st round of the League, which will be held at Cairo Stadium.

Awad will be the main goalkeeper, after starring in the last Smouha match, in addition to the unpreparedness of Mahmoud Jensh, who suffers from a torn back muscle injury, and Jensh will undergo a medical test tomorrow to determine whether or not he will be included in the match list and sit on the bench, because the position of the Pyramids match is not repeated. As Zamalek's substitute announcement was postponed, until Jensh underwent a medical test minutes before the match.

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, Zamalek's coach, also asked Brazilian Arto Oliveira, the goalkeeper coach, to equip Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper, through additional training and increasing his training and technical doses in preparation for the Al-Ahly match next Monday evening, within the framework of the 21st round of the league competition Excellent.

Carteron believes that Mohamed Awad is best suited to guard Zamalek's goalkeeper in the Al-Ahly match, due to his technical readiness and his last two matches against Pyramids and Samouha, and his appearance at a good level.

Mohamed Awad, goalkeeper of Zamalek club, won the knight of the White Castle match, in front of Smouha, in the match that was held last Thursday evening, after his contributions in leading the white team to victory over the Blue Waves, with two goals to one, to keep Zamalek at the top of the league.