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Like today .. Shady Mohamed appears for the last time with Al-Ahly against Santos, Angola

On this day, May 31, 2009, Shady Mohamed, the former captain of Al-Ahly, played his last match with Al-Qalaa Al-Hamra when he participated in the Angolan Santos match in the Confederation and scored a goal from a penalty kick in the match that Al-Ahly lost and deposited the Confederacy after suffering a severe defeat by Angolan Santos by three Goals and exit from the tournament with a penalty shootout, 6-5, after 14 kicks for the two teams at the Ashkirch Stadium in the round of 16 of the competition.

For Al-Ahly, Ahmed Bilal, Angolan Gilberto, Ahmed Fathy Shady Mohamed and Ahmed Hassan scored for Al-Ahly, and Flavio wasted in his last touches with the team and Ahmed Ali.

The two teams tied in a penalty shootout, 4-4, so the two teams resorted to playing a blow and a kick.

Santos had finished the original time with a hat-trick in which Bebicho scored the first goal in the 27th minute, and his colleague Milax added the second goal in the 76th minute, and Faw added the third goal in the 89th minute.

Shady Mohamed is the most prominent captain in the history of Al-Ahly, where he climbed the coronation podiums and won very many championships with a generation that is the best in Al-Ahly's history.

Shady Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, famous as Shady Mohamed, was born on November 29, 1977, he started his football career at Al-Krum Club as a defender in the team, until he was able to be one of the best players in the team during a short period with the club, when he was in 1997 until 1999.

Shady played 22 matches throughout his period with Al-Krum, in which he presented a distinguished level, which made the eyes of the Al-Ahly club await him, and drew their attention strongly during that period, until he was contracted in 1999, after his appearance with the Olympic team.

Shady appeared at a good level with the Al-Ahly club throughout his period in which he was inside the walls of the Red Fort, and took over the leadership of the football team at Al-Ahly club, starting from the 2005/06 season.

During his career with Al-Ahly, Shady Mohamed achieved many titles and accomplishments, including 5 African Champions League, 5 General League, 3 times the African Super, 5 times the Egyptian Super, 7 times Egypt Cup, and a bronze in the 2006 World Cup.

Shady Mohamed ended his relationship with Al-Ahly as a player when he decided to leave the team during the 2009/2010 season after Al-Ahly changed his plan, which might have kept him away from participating in matches, to end a tournament trip with the Red Castle, where he played 192 matches, during which he scored 17 goals.

Shady Mohamed moved from Al-Ahly to Ismaili to spend two seasons with the Dervishes, during which he played with the team in all local and African championships, and played 23 meetings with the Dervishes, and scored a goal once Al-Ahly was in the ranks of the Ismaili.

After that, Shady Mohamed moved to Al-Ittihad Alexandria, then the Beni Suef Telephone Team, in order to be the conclusion of his life as a football player in the 2011 season, and he fought with the team for a season in the league, after which he retired from Egyptian football, to start his life as a journalist in multiple channels, headed by Al-Ahly channel.

Shady Mohamed played with the national team 27 matches, during which he scored one goal, and scored with the national team the 2008 African Nations Championship in Ghana.