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Italian Deputy Foreign Minister: The formation of the new Lebanese government must be accelerated

 Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Marina Sereni, stressed the need to expedite the formation of the new Lebanese government.

Sereni said - during her meeting with the head of the caretaker government in Lebanon, Hassan Diab, today (Monday) - that her country is keen to stand by Lebanon and help it in various fields.

Sereni - who is visiting Lebanon at the head of an Italian political and diplomatic delegation - had called in her statements earlier today during meetings with senior Lebanese officials, the various Lebanese political forces to put their differences aside and give priority to the supreme interest of the country and to cooperate with each other in order to form the new government. Towards with which to proceed with the path of reforms.

She indicated that Lebanon faces many challenges, especially on the financial, humanitarian and economic levels. Addressing this multidimensional crisis requires the implementation of reforms.

Lebanon has been witnessing a government vacuum for more than 9 months, following the resignation of the government of Dr. Hassan Diab, the Prime Minister, last August 10, due to the repercussions of the devastating explosion that occurred in the Beirut seaport.