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Ibrahim Abdullah delivers some important documents to the new committee in Zamalek

Ibrahim Abdullah, a former member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, arrived at the club's headquarters to hand over some of the documents that he had to the new committee, which received the White Castle today headed by Hussein Labib.


Ibrahim Abdullah attended part of the meeting currently taking place to discuss some important files with the new committee.


The new committee in charge of managing the club was present at the headquarters of the Ministry of Sports today, Sunday, on the sidelines of the ministry's honor to the previous committee that managed the club for the past period.


The Minister of Youth and Sports decided to hold a ceremony honoring the judicial committee that was running the club this afternoon at the ministry’s headquarters, and the committee then went to the club’s headquarters to start its work after the official receipt of the club’s management.


The new committee in charge of managing the club consists of Hussein Labib as president, Muhammad al-Atribi as vice president, Tariq Jibril as financial director, Hani Barzi, Amr Adham, Dr. Hussam al-Mandawah, Captain Hussein al-Sayed are members, Dr. Hussein al-Samri, executive director, and Dr. Atef al-Nimr, director of sports activity.